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Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded in 1999 and works collaboratively with government and the private sector to pursue unified proactive resolutions to flooding within the Cypress Creek Watershed.  Our
Mission is divided into three important areas:  Flood Mitigation, Preservation and Education.  Please join us....

Voluntary Buyout Program: If you're a property owner considering participating in a Voluntary Buyout Program, find out more about the process to apply and what you can expect. 
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NFIP Flood Insurance Reform Act 2012: Important new legislation which governs the National Flood Insurance Program.
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Your Home May Now be in the floodplain. Printable Pdf's are available for distribution to area residents

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Source: WaterWays, HCFCD, Oct. 1997
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The Cypress Creek Greenway Project has excited the imagination of hundreds of folks in northwest Houston.  Learn more about this effort to create a "necklace" of parks and trails across our community. Click here for more info

Cypress Creek /SH249 Area Trail Master Plan


This website is provided as a service to members of the Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition and the general public. It is intended to be used as a source of information to assist Neighborhood communities located in the Cypress Creek Watershed and elsewhere develop awareness, analyze risks and plan methods for dealing with storm water flooding and preservation of forested floodplain corridors. No information should be considered as being completely accurate nor warranted for any purpose. The Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition is a participating Project Impact partner pledged to support developing a more disaster –resistant community in Harris County and surrounding area.

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